When are opening hours?

TMS is open on nights of scheduled events from 9pm to 2am. We recommend you subscribe to our Instagram account @TMS.ksa to keep in touch with upcoming events.

What days of the week are you open?

Currently we are open on nights of Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.

Stay in touch with latest news on our Instagram @TMS.ksa

Where is TMS located?

TMS is conveniently located on King AbdulAziz Road, one of Jeddah’s main roads connecting north to south. https://goo.gl/maps/hfDDXNoKwiNebbdZ6

What is the line up?

The lineup is decided every week based on quality of musicians. Check our Instagram for latest news @TMS.ksa

What is the menu ?

Click HERE to view the full menu

What if I want to cancel my booking?

Musicians work hard preparing a great show, and nothing is more demotivating for them than seeing empty seats. So tickets are non-refundable. In urgent cases we expect you to find someone to fill your seat.

How crowded will it get?

TMS can comfortably host up to 130-150 people, but we prefer to limit the audience to 65 to abide by Covid19 restrictions and make sure everyone has an intimate, high quality live music experience.

How much will ticket prices be?

Each event will have different ticket prices due to varying costs of musicians. The higher quality the musicians, the higher fee they deserve. Stay in touch with events and ticket prices on our Instagram@TMS.ksa

Do you have arabic singers and music?

We will be hosting high quality, talented musicians from all genres and styles. We will host Arabic singers and music with a fusion with other international genres. This will be something new to the world and we are excited to be a part of this innovation.

Can I rent TMS for a private event?

TMS can host private events such as; birthdays, graduations, conferences, & Corporate events. We will provide;

  • live entertainment customized to your needs
  • Food & beverages
  • Full staff including; bouncers & security, hostesses, waiters, & baristas.

if interested, please send an email request to  PrivateEvents@themusicspace.sa

Can I perform? I have a band and would like to perform on stage at TMS.

If you are an emerging artist with passion for Indie / Alternative music, then send a video of a live performance to  newstars@themusicspace.sa

Is TMS accessible to those with disabilities?

Absolutely yes! We want ALL music lovers to enjoy amazing music. There is a wheelchair ramp from street level up to the TMS reception. Restrooms are available for all.

Is TMS a restaurant?

TMS is licensed to not only host cultural events but also serve food and beverages from our full kitchen. Note that out of respect for musicians, we halt serving food and beverages during live performances.

Are kids allowed at TMS?

We hate to say no to any music lover, and we want everyone to leave with a big smile on their face. So we recommend that parents attend a TMS event without them. They can then decide if their kids would enjoy the show.