The Music Space
We designed TMS (The Music Space) to be the home for Indie & Alternative musicians and music lovers.
Musicians are given a stage to perform and evolve their abilities and confidence.
Music lovers enjoy live performances in Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical, Hip Hop, & other underserved genres. All in a comfortable, intimate vibe and state of the art sound, video, and lighting systems.
Together we aim to significantly grow the Indie and Alternative music scene in the region.
About Us

We at TMS feel that the Middle East is rich with talented musicians passionate about Indie & Alternative music. These musicians are passionately honing their skills, innovating and evolving their music, and dreaming of a global audience. But they haven’t had a platform to show off their passion and get the recognition and awareness they deserve. We want TMS to be a place where they can call home.

For music lovers, TMS promises a night with an amazing local band, talented beyond our expectations. TMS is purposely designed to be intimate with a capacity of 120 maximum. This allows musicians and music lovers to interact and connect. We invested in state-of-the-art sound, video, and lighting systems. We built a cool stage and DJ stand. We wanted a place where Musicians loved to play. And we wanted lovers of alternative music to call TMS the best place to be for live music!

Together we will all help grow the Indie and Alternative music scene in the region.

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